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Why Some Videos Go Viral



Every marketer dreams of a viral video. It is the best way to break through the noise on the internet. Studies show that social viewers, people who view share content instead of videos they found online, are more likely to purchase a product and to recommend it to others.

Why does some videos catch on fire while others just sputter?

Unruly, a marketing tech company, has the answer. The company’s analysis of over 430 billion video views, 100,000 consumer data points and more than 100,000 user data points revealed the two strongest drivers of viral success: psychological reaction (how the content makes people feel) and social motivation (“why you want to share it).

The more people feel the content, the more likely they are viral video to share it. This is the web’s answer for word of mouth and the most effective form advertising.

We explore the factors that make content shareable using Unruly’s analysis of Purina’s “Puppyhood” video. It racked up five millions views within six weeks. Unruly’s findings show that only a small number of people are responsible to the majority of sharing, and that most sharing happens shortly after a video’s release.

Why people share

Social Motivation

Unruly identified 10 motivators for social sharing. You can find a wide range of motivations in the best videos. Here are some of the motivations report by viewers of Puppyhood. Although opinion seeking was a major motivation, three quarters of viewers reporte other reasons to share the video.

Emotional Response

While humor is often thought to drive sharing, it can be viral video difficult to implement and culturally sensitive. To ensure that content resonates, companies should aim to invoke multiple positive emotions. Again, the stronger the reaction, then the better.

Super Sharers Move the Needle

Nearly 18% share videos at least once per week, and almost 9% share every day. These “super sharers” are responsible for over four-fifths total shares and companies should look for ways to reach them.

Timing is everything

The viral peak is higher if a video has more shares in viral video the first two days. This also increases the volume of shares. To maximize visibility in this window, marketers should consider front-loading campaigns.

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How to Check Twitch Chat Logs‍



Twitch chat allows streamers to interact with viewers in unique ways that are only available on Twitch. Chat is not the only thing that matters. You can use the chat logs to gather valuable information about user feedback and responses that will help you improve your content marketing and development.

Chaos will ensue when more than 12 strangers are invited to the same space. While most viewers enjoy positive and healthy interactions with their streaming services, there are still some who don’t like it so that they have a negative effect on everyone else. It is hard to manage everyone in Twitch chat, given the speed of the stream. You can make sure your viewers have a safe and enjoyable experience by carefully using Twitch Chat logs.

Although Twitch has made significant improvements to their moderation tools in the past few years, it is still difficult to find information from your Twitch Chat Logs. This article will discuss the reasons for reviewing your Twitch Chat logs and the different ways you can do so. We will also discuss third-party methods of saving and downloading chat logs, which can be very useful for moderation.

What’s Twitch?

Twitch is the most popular gaming platform to watch live streams from their favorite gamers. Twitch’s popularity has increased since the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic. This is especially true considering the fact that many people are no longer able to access Twitch while they are locked down and are using it as an entertainment source. It now boasts more than 26 million active gamers (DAUs) daily.

Twitch Chat allows gamers to create vibrant communities for their followers and fans. Chat allows viewers to interact with streamers and viewers while watching live streams. Chat is displayed as a horizontal bar next to the stream’s windows. This allows viewers to interact with each other while watching the live stream.

Twitch chat allows users to live-react to streams and also to make their views visible to other streamers. It is crucial that you ensure your Twitch chat does not contain offensive, harmful, or hateful comments. To ensure your viewers are satisfied, it is important to monitor and manage your Twitch chat logs.

What is a chat log on Twitch?

Twitch chat, as mentioned above, allows viewers and streamers to communicate with each other while streaming. Chat logs do not contain all chat history for a stream.

Streamers can manage and moderate communities by looking at chat logs and taking appropriate actions. Streamers and moderators can remove harmful or offensive comments and take action against violators by using Twitch chat logs.

Why not check your Twitch chat logs

Examine Discipline Measures Sometimes you will need to evaluate the legality of a sanction. Perhaps a user was suspended when they should have been exempted at the same time. To find out what the user did before they were punished, you can look at your Twitch Chat logs. This will let you check on moderators to ensure they are not abusing their position for personal revenge.

Check for inappropriate remarks -Twitch has been trying to curb inappropriate behavior and comments, and a large part of the responsibility for keeping the platform clean rests with moderators and streamers. Streamers should ensure they regularly review their chat logs to make sure there aren’t any violations of Twitch’s Terms of Service. Your channel may ban you if your viewers violate your TOS rules frequently, even if you aren’t aware of any controversial comments you made in chat.

Measure audience reactions This will help you create more engaging streams. People are more open to sharing their opinions because streaming is anonymous. You can also learn from their reactions to chats what is working and what is not.

Get insights You can ask your viewers questions about the stream, discuss ideas with them, and track their comments. This can often provide amazing insight into your audience’s needs.

Review moderator activities Moderators in chat rooms are not always perfect and can make mistakes. You can examine the Twitch chat logs to see if users took legal actions.

Find New Memes Every channel on Twitch has a sub-community. Streamers with a loyal following are more likely to create their own memes and jokes. You can review your Twitch Chat Logs to get a better understanding of how your followers communicate through their language, vernacular, and memes. This information can be used in a smart manner to increase interaction and loyalty.

Identify your loyal viewers It is important that you express gratitude to your loyal supporters and let them know how much you appreciate them. Chat logs are a great way to identify the most engaged and active viewers on your channels.

How do I check the Twitch chat logs

There are many ways to check the chat logs and see if there are streams. Below are all of them:

1. Using user search command

Twitch’s search function allows you to look up specific users using their usernames. You can also use it to enter your Chatbox.

  • In the chat box of your channel, enter “/user” and then the username. Press Enter.
  • It’s as easy as that. Twitch will now display every comment made by that user in your chat stream.

It is possible to also determine the user’s following history, their account age, and their ban record. However, you won’t be able to search for comments that have been deleted by administrators.

2. You can play back your VODs

You can only view the entire chat log for the duration of a live session by recording or playing back your VODs. This allows you access to comments that have been deleted by a moderatorusernamesearch. Third-party software cannot view this information. You can review the history of chats from your VOD if you wish to reconsider the suspension.

This method has a drawback. You will need to watch the entire video. Before you start to look through the VOD, it is best to have a rough idea about the date of the comment.

3. Chatbots are a great way to communicate with customers.

Chatbots on Twitch, such as Nightbot, allow you to moderate and filter chats. You can also add special features to your chat and create an unforgettable experience for your viewers. Chatbots can keep a complete and searchable record all comments you make in chat.

This is the best and most efficient way to find the message you are looking for. Chatbots can automatically start collecting chat information when you activate them. You can access this information anytime after the chat ends. Chatbots won’t have the ability to track messages from chats it hasn’t enabled so if you are just thinking of using it to review previous conversations, it won’t work.

Chatbots are a great way to improve the quality of your Twitch channel. This will save you a lot of time in the future.

4. Chat moderator view

Moderators can see chat on the stream in their role as moderators. To see moderators’ chat logs, you will need to go into moderator mode on Twitch.

  • Click the sword icon at the bottom-right to open the mode view. To open the chat log on the channel, click on the username for any viewer.

Moderators have access to individual chat logs that viewers can view. To access Moderator View, you simply need to click on the name of a user. Mod View can be accessed by clicking on the sword icon in the lower-right corner.

To view their entire conversation history, click on the user’s name after you have entered Mod View. To view any previous chats, you can browse their messages. You can also access additional information, such as their timeouts or bans. You can also view any mods’ comments, report, ban or remove the user from this display.

Twitch Chat Log Frequently Asked Question

Do I have the right to see my Twitch Chat history?

What can I see about my Twitch chat history? Viewers can’t see their chat history on any channel. Only streamers who are running the channel or their mods have access. You can ask a mod for a part of your chat history, or look it up online. Wait for their response.

You can check your Twitch chat logs.

Your chat history cannot be saved. Twitch doesn’t keep your chat history. There is no documented endpoint to retrieve chat history. If you want to keep track of chat history on an account, you will need to connect Twitch Chat to store the messages.

How do I download Twitch chat logs

Chat logs from Twitch streams can be downloaded only by third-party chatbots or software like Nightbot.

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