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I have used online dating sites in the past to meet people. Lucky Crush is a new form of random video chat that allows users to chat with random partners in sex anywhere, on their mobile or desktop.

This concept is different from other platforms that are geared towards connecting couples hoping to find love or relationships. LuckyCrush allows you to chat and flirt with strangers. You don’t have to share any personal information, and can choose not to show your face in chats.

LuckyCrush: How does it work?

LuckyCrush was easy to join. During registration, I had to indicate whether I was male/female. This is necessary to match males with females, and vice versa. The site is intend for straight people. After completing the registration,

Once the installation was complete, I was then able to access the webcam to see the men at the other end.

Chats can last for a few minutes to a few hours. However, the website allows you press Next >> at any point to stop the chat. This will automatically connect you to another random partner.

It was very similar to a website I used called Chatroulette. LuckyCrush’s randomness is very similar. You don’t have to choose who you talk to. LuckyCrush handles the task for you, assigning random chats with girls or guys depending on your sexual preference.

Why isn’t it available for the LGBT community?

Throughout the whole process, I was curious why it matches men with women only and women with men. What are the options available for LGBTs?

The site is currently optimize for straight people. It regulates registrations to keep half of the males and half of the females. Our goal is to maximise Review the chance that random partners are interest in talking to one another while maintaining an equal number of female and male members so that no one waits too long to get match with a partner.

What’s the Point of Virtual Flirting?

This is a valid question that I have often thought about. Many people may crave company, particularly during COVID and lockdown. It doesn’t matter if you want to chat platonically, flirt, or meet strangers in real life, it will be increasingly difficult as social distance is maintain and cafes, restaurants, and other places for general meet-ups are close.

LuckyCrush has over 1,000,000 members from 100+ countries. It’s a great platform for meeting people from other countries if you’re interest in chatting with them. Random choosing doesn’t give you a choice, but it adds excitement to the possibility of being paired up with someone you wouldn’t normally choose.

A large number of members also means that you have the chance to connect with someone, and it’s possible to meet many people on the site.

You are completely anonymous as we mentioned Lucky Crush before, making the experience even more pleasant. Only your username is visible, which you can choose. You can chat freely with anyone, as long as they don’t have access to your personal information.

Overall, the site was easy to use and navigate. It was easy to use, both from registration and the actual video chat. There’s no obligation to flirt with strangers online.

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