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JoinPD – Join Pear Deck Presentations [Updated 2022]



How to create a JoinPD Account.

You can create a JoinPD account using your email address. If you’re not sure which option you should choose, the following factors are important: If you have an existing Microsoft account, you can use that email. It might be simpler to create an account using your email address if you have not yet signed up for Microsoft.

First, create a Account using your email address. This will allow the user to log in from any device. You can also create a Account using your Facebook credentials. This will allow to import your Facebook friends, view their profiles and make changes on the website.

JoinPD is an online education platform that provides courses for all levels. It’s a one-stop shop for all your professional development requirements.

Pear Deck offers courses for those who are just starting out in their careers, seeking to change careers, or looking to advance in a particular field.’s courses are interactive, engaging and self-paced. These courses can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.

Peardeck is a web-based education platform offering courses for professionals in project management, business analysis and agile development.

Pea rdeck was founded by industry professionals and educators in 2014. Pea rdeck has offices in California, India and Seattle.

JoinPD is an educational platform on the internet that offers a wide range of courses and tutorials on a wide variety of subjects.

These videos cover a wide variety of topics, including

  • Programming Languages
  • Data Science, Statistics, and Machine Learning
  • Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Social Media

Pear Deck Online education website

Pear Deck offers certifications and online courses in a variety of fields. Offers much more than online certifications and courses. Deck also offers professional development and coaching programs to help people improve their work skills.

If you don’t have time or money for a full-time program, the company offers workshops. offers online courses in web design, web development and data analysis. Industry experts teach the courses, and have extensive experience in the subject. You can find over 100 courses in the course catalog, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Python.

JoinPD offers online courses in a variety of fields. Pear Deck, a web-based education company, has developed an app called JoinPD allows students to learn online through an app called Pear Deck has created a new technology called JoinPD. It’s an AI-powered software which can be used by people to create digital presentations.

JoinPD is built around the principle of “collaborative creativity”. The platform uses AI to identify the most relevant content on a topic. Participants can then collaborate on the content in real-time, making it easier to generate ideas.

It helps people discover new ideas by providing relevant information from multiple sources.

JoinPD can be used in many ways, including:

  • Real-time presentation creation
  • Finding relevant information
  • You can create presentations starting from scratch

Peardeck, a Berlin-based startup company, is the creator of It is the founder of an AI-powered content creation assistant that assists copywriters in creating content for clients.


JoinPD, an AI-powered content writer assistant, helps copywriters create content to help their clients. It can help you structure your article and generate new ideas. It can also check grammar and spelling mistakes in real-time, so copywriters do not have to worry.

Peardeck allows you to manage your work and communicate with colleagues. Peardeck includes a chat tool, file sharing and project management.

You can download the app for free on both Android devices and iOS. Peardeck helps you find the right people for your business. JoinPD is one tool on Peardeck. It allows you to search for people with the same skills as you, or within the same industry, and help you find them.

It is located in Lowa City, U.S.A. and was started by entrepreneurs who have extensive education in education. Peardeck/JoinPD provides a platform that allows people to create presentations. It is an online collaboration tool that allows multiple people to work on the same presentation.

JoinPD is an online collaboration platform for creating presentations. You can have multiple people working on the same presentation. It offers a mobile app and a web platform that allow users to collaborate, brainstorm, and share their ideas with clients and other team members.

They can also get real-time feedback while working together. You can also use the chat tools, commenting and collaborative drawing features on the web platform. You can take photos of your whiteboard and sketch paper on your mobile phone and upload them into the presentation to share your thoughts with others.

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Here are some tips for making and wearing butterfly locs



The butterfly locs style is a shorter version of real locs. It’s easier to manage than regular, grown-up hairstyles. This style is call butterfly locs and involves the hair being pin at the front with a butterfly-shaped band that ties in the back. You have two options when styling butterfly locs: add color to the front or the back. If you decide to add color to the front, make sure it is the right color. This will conceal the butterfly locs if done correctly. If you choose to color the back, keep the butterfly portion hidden.

Side parting can be use to reduce long hair. It suits almost every face type and is love by many young girls. If you feel brave, or your mom, you can wear it down. With a simple pattern, you can make butterfly locks crochet braiding hair colors that are easy. These are some tips to help you make your own butterfly locks crochet braiding.

First, let your hair get naturally wet. Next, take a butterfly locs clip and tie it around the hair. Next, wrap your hair around the natural loop of a butterfly to create a loop. Use a comb to braid the hair backwards. Make a loop under the ends of your hair to secure your new style.

Butterfly locs

Next, work on your butterfly locs. Create different looks using the different parts of each clip. You should start by creating a smooth, wavey braid. When you are done, twist the ends to make them look longer and more fuller. Continue braiding by twisting them. Soon you will notice that your ends aren’t straight. Instead, they begin to taper towards the sides.

Pre-locate your hair in the bath or shower to get start. Make sure that the pre-loc is securely on your head. To guide your preloc through your hair, use butterfly locs hair clips. This will allow you to see the pre-loc when braiding your butterfly locs hair.

Once you’ve secured your pre-loc, it’s now time to braid your hair! You will need to braid your hair in three sections: right, left, and center. Next, wrap your hair in butterfly locs and tie a big bow at the back. Finally, secure the bow using butterfly charms. You can make braid-and-wrapped braids even simpler by creating a diagonal line through the middle of your braid. This will make the line slightly larger than the actual part of the butterfly-shaped butterfly you are braiding.

After you are done with your butterfly-shape braid braids, smoothen it by using freetress water waves. To detangle and increase the volume of the braided area, use an open-end brush. Make your butterfly locs more like butterflies, thread butterfly clips through the braid’s center and one through the tail. To accent the butterfly parts, you can also use butterfly stickers. This will ensure your hair looks natural and well-coordinated.


Once you are done with your butterfly-shape braids you will need to place them in a large container. To ensure that the butterflies don’t wear out equally when washed, you will likely separate them into different colors (for a total 10). After you’ve finished your wash, rinse the packs to make sure they’re still moist. These hairstyles are easy to create and require very little time.

Butterfly Locks will transform your hairstyle into something feminine and chic. There are many options to choose from: waves, curls and wavy lines, as well as butterfly leaves. This is a great way for you to try different looks. You can easily transform your everyday style into a stylish natural look with a few tools.

This protective style can be create by gently pulling one inch of your hair up and placing it on top of your head. Secure the knot with a butterfly locs. Use a large flatiron to outline the area where the butterfly locs are. Then, smoothen the hair with a comb. Once you’re happy with your outline, braid the rest of the hair in a small bun. You can make this look natural and chic by curling your hair with a large iron. The barrel should be under your chin. Secure the hair around the barrel with butterfly locs, or a French twist.

French twist

For a French twist look, wrap your hair loosely around the braid’s barrel and smoothen the ends. The braid should be secure with a French knot. For a complete pomaded look, wrap your hair in a ponytail and secure it with butterfly wings or French bun covers. Apply the pomade to your hair. Then, pull your hair up in a ponytail. This chic look can be finishe with French twist bangs or French twist braids.

There are many styles available for those who prefer a natural look. For a night on the town, a high ponytail can be pair with an embellished tie. You don’t have to braid your natural hair. A side tie can be used that looks like a bow or a ponytail with a twist. You can finish the night with a neat up-do, or a ponytail with rhinestones or glittery gems.

The butterfly locs are a great option for those who want a casual, yet stylish hairstyle. This style is great for casual days where you don’t care about your appearance. This hairstyle is easy to create. Take a small section of hair about 1 inch long and wrap it in a bun. Secure it at your back. To create the base of the butterfly locs take three sections about an inch in length and make a ring out of them. By combing or brushing through your hair in the back, you can secure them at the desired length.


It is easy to do the freetress waterwave braiding hair. You will need the same skills for freetress water wave braiding hair as any other type of hair braiding. You will first need to cut a section from your back to your shoulders. This will give you the desired length. Next, wrap your index finger around the desired length of hair with your curling iron.

After you have created the ring, curl your hair into a low bun using curling irons. Next, spread your thumbs along the braid’s inner ring. Pull the hair towards yourself using your fingers and thumbs. Once you have pulled the hair in a downward direction, spread it outwardly and continue the process for the other side of your head.

Finalize the braid by combing or brushing through the locs once more to make sure no moisture is lost. You can purchase hair creams or sprays to protect the locs. This will give the braid the best protection. Spray the locs with these sprays after the first wash to protect them from heat and humidity.

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23 December Global Holidays 2022 You Need to Know



There are many exciting global holidays that take place in December. You’ll find decorated trees, carols and gifts galore. It’s unquestionably December, which is easy to see.

Although the days are shorter and the evenings are longer, people seem to be happier even in the sunnier hours. The December global holidays decorations and lights filling every street corner and mall may explain this phenomenon. It’s just that December national holidays make it seem like anything can happen.

December is the end of the year. This is a time when many people are at various stages of planning for the new year.

The Most Popular December Global Holidays Events 2022

December Global Holidays

Check most popular December global holidays events:

  • New Years Eve (Worldwide), Dec 31
  • Christmas, (Christians), Dec 25
  • World AIDS Day (Worldwide), Dec 1
  • St. Lucia Day, (Swedish), Dec 13
  • Yule, (Pagan), Dec 21 – Jan 1
  • Hanukkah, (Jewish) November 28 – December 6
  • Festivus December 23
  • Boxing Day (Worldwide) December 26
  • Kwanzaa (African American), Dec 26, – Jan 1,
  • Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican), Dec 12,
  • Omisoka, (Japanese), Dec 31
  • Saturnalia, (Pagan), Dec 17 – Dec 23

1. New Year’s Eve

New Year 2022

Date : December 31

Significance  The last day of the Gregorian calendar

Observed By : People around the World

Every year, New Year’s Eve falls on December 31. This holiday is include in the December global holidays 2022. It is a day to mark the end of the year and to look forward to the next. New Year’s Eve, a nighttime celebration of the end of the year, is the main event. It is a celebration that marks the beginning of a new year.

New Years Eve31st of December is a global holiday that celebrates the old year as well as a welcoming to the new. This time is often spent with family and friends or reflecting on one’s life. Many countries celebrate the holidays with red and gold.

People celebrate New Year’s Eve with resolutions and celebrations with their family and friends. This is a time for people to reflect on the year that has passed and to set goals for the coming year.

Some people use this time to have fun. As part of the celebration of December global holidays, they drink juices, eat high-quality food, stay up late and engage in many other celebratory activities.

2. Christmas and December Holiday Event

December 25

Also known as:Noel. Nativity. Xmas.

Observed By:Christians and many other non-Christians

TypeChristian, cultural

Significance:Commemoration for the birth of Jesus

Christmas is a global holiday that is celebrate in many countries around the globe. The celebration typically lasts for about two weeks. But not everyone celebrates Christmas.

These December celebrations are dependent on the culture in which they are celebrate. Some cultures, for example, celebrate Advent or Winter Solstice in lieu of Christmas. These celebrations do not have a date or a day.

The Christmas and Winter December global holidays season are a happy and festive time. As we count down until Christmas Day, this time of the year is with joy and hope. Decorate your home using Christmas lights, wreaths and other decorations to celebrate Christmas spirit.

Decorate your home with Christmas trees, angel figurines and wreaths. Invite friends to join you for dinner or an evening of fun and fellowship. Send Santa Claus letters or make gifts for your loved ones. Read books and watch Christmas movies under the blanket.

3. World AIDS Day

December 1

Observed By: All UN Member States

Annual: Frequency

World AIDS Day, a global holiday dedicate to remembrance and honoring the lives of those affect by AIDS, is observe on December 1. Each year, it falls on December 1. It was establish in 1988 to commemorate the 1987 announcement of HIV/AIDS as the probable cause of AIDS. It is observe annually to remember those who have lost their battle with AIDS and offer support for HIV/AIDS-related people.

World AIDS Day, a global holiday day in December, aims to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic. Every year, December 1 is the day that this day is observe. Although it was establish in 1988, it wasn’t made an annual holiday until 1994. World AIDS Day, which is celebrate worldwide every December 1, is a national holiday in December. This day raises awareness about AIDS.

The World Health Organization introduced World AIDS Day in 1988. This day aims to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and prevent its spread around the globe. World AIDS Day’s theme this year is “Know your Status”, which emphasizes the importance of knowing your HIV status. Worldwide, more than 36 million people live with HIV. However, 2/3rds of them are unaware that they have it.

4. Santa Lucia

Date : December 13

Liturgical color :Red

Observed By :Roman Catholics and Lutherans, Anglicans among Others

Santa Lucia, a Swedish Christmas tradition, is celebrated on December 13. It is an annual celebration of Christmas in Sweden, while other countries may celebrate it at different times.

Santa Lucia will visit the homes of children on this day and bring gifts while they are sleeping. This is why she is known as “The Light in The Night”.

Santa Lucia Day, also known as Saint Lucy’s Day or Lucia Day, is celebrated with Lussekatter (saffron buns) and coffee, then followed by songs dedicated to Santa Lucia’s procession.

Santa Lucia is a traditional celebration of light and hope in the darkest winter days. Many Swedes will welcome Santa Lucia with songs and celebrations by hanging a string of paper lights up in their windows on December 13.

5. Yule


Date Dec 21 – Jan 1

Also known as : Yulefest, Yulefest

Related to :Early Germanic Calendars, Christmastide and Quarter days, Wheel of the Year. Winter festivals, Christmas

Observed By :Various Northern Europeans and Germanic Peoples, Neopagans. Spiritual Satanist

Yule, an ancient pagan holiday, predates Christianity. The celebration involves lighting candles and making fires as well as exchanging gifts. Yule, a pagan global holiday that is celebrate in December by the pagans, has been observed throughout Scandinavia for centuries. This section explains how people celebrate Yule at this time of the year.

Yule is an Old Norse word that means “jol”. It refers to the time period in the northern part of the hemisphere between December solstice (December 31st) and December 31st. Yule December global celebrations include drinking and gift-giving. This emphasizes family and strengthens bonds with friends.

This time is celebrate because it is believe that the Sun was visible through the hole in the sky. It was believed that the Yules had supernatural powers to purify sinners.

Yule is the December holiday season’s name. Season of joy, celebration and culmination on Christmas Day. Yule is one of the most celebrated winter events worldwide. There are many Yule celebrations around the world that are based upon Nordic traditions. Yule, an ancient pagan holiday, predates Christianity. The celebration also includes the lighting of candles and the burning of fires. It also involves exchanging gifts.

6. Hannukah

DateNovember 28-December 6

Related toPurim – a rabbinically declared holiday

Jewish people celebrate Hannukah to remember the miracle that occurred in Jerusalem in 165 B.C.E. Judah Maccabee’s Maccabees defeated King Antiochus IV, his army, and their attempt to take away Jewish religion and force people to adopt Greek culture.

Hannukah is a holiday that celebrates and gives gifts. Jewish families are accustom to light a menorah that lasts eight days and contains an additional candle each night. One candle is lit the first night; two candles the second. Then, the third and fourth nights, the candles are switch to the next. The Chanukiah is only one branch, with one container of olive oil.

On December 8, 2018, the Festival of Lights, also known as Hanukkah in Jewish global holidays, will take place. It commemorates Judas Maccabeus’ rededication in 165 BC of Jerusalem’s Second Temple.

Hanukkah, a joyous holiday that is celebrate with friends and family for eight nights and one morning, is known as the Hanukkah.

The December global celebrations begin on November 28th and end on December 6th with a light snack or meal called a “menorah”, pronounced MAY-nuh-Kuh.

Hannukah, a Jewish holiday that lasts eight days, commemorates the rededication and reopening of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple. It is also known as Feast of Dedication and Festival of Lights.

Hannukah, which means “dedication” or ‘consecration in Hebrew, refers to the rededication (also known as The Temple Mount) of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem at 165 BC following a rebellion against Hellenistic rule.

7. Festivus


December 23

Celebrations:Airing Of Grievances, Feats, Strength, The Aluminum Pole, Festivus Dinner, Festivus Miracles

This event offers an alternative to the commercialism and pressures of Christmas. Author and TV writer Daniel O’Keefe created Festivus, the December global holiday event. According to the story, Frank Costanza (played by Jerry Stiller in the sitcom Seinfeld) invent Festivus as a way to commemorate the anniversary of the day he told his family his idea for a holiday that was different from Christmas.

Festivus, which is celebrate on December 23, includes traditional Christmas foods like turkey, ham and presents. An aluminum pole is used to mark Festivus instead of the traditional Christmas tree. The pole represents the simplicity of the December global holidays without ornaments or tinsel and signifies that Festivus is not commercialized.

Festivus, traditionally known as St. Nick’s Day, is celebrate on December 23. The Festivus Dinner is the first part of the celebration. It also includes the Festivus pole.

8. Boxing Day

Boxing Day

December 26

Related toDay of Goodwill, Saint Stephen’s Day (concurrent); 2nd Day of Christmastide

Observed By:Commonwealth countries

Also known asOffering Day

Boxing Day (also known as St. Stephen’s Day) is an annual holiday celebration that’s celebrated in many countries around the globe on December 26th.

Boxing Day was established as a day to remember St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr who was executed by Jews at Jerusalem on December 26, 33CE. St. Stephen’s Day was made a public holiday in December 2022 by James I (1603-1625).

Boxing Day, an annual holiday celebration that occurs the day after Christmas, is an event that takes place every year. Boxing Day is traditionally a day for family gatherings and giving gifts. It was first observed in England in 1926, when people gave boxes of food and money to their poorer neighbors on December 26.

Boxing Day, which has been more commercialized over the past 20 years, is now considered a day of shopping in the year.

9. Kwanzaa


Date: Dec 26 – Jan 1

Celebrations:Unity, Creativity, Faith; Giving gifts

SignificanceCelebrates African heritage and unity.

Observed By:African Americans and parts of the African diaspora

Related toPan-Africanism

Kwanzaa, an African-American December 2022 global holiday, celebrates harvest, fertility and family values. It begins on December 26th and ends on January 1.

Kwanzaa, a holiday celebration that is celebrate between December 26 and January 1, is call. This holiday event is first celebrated by people of African descent. It was create by Maulana Karenga. It is based on seven core principles: unity, self-determination collective work and responsibility cooperative economics purpose, creativity, faith, and cooperative economics.

Family gatherings are include as well as the exchange of special foods and gifts. The ceremony begins with the lighting of candles (evening prayers) and a matunda (fruit tree).

Kwanzaa festivities include the lighting of seven candles, drinking from a unity glass, wearing festive clothing, sitting at the table for an African dinner; sharing gifts (usually money with children); and finally, enjoying traditional songs and dances.

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Dumisani Dlamini



Dumisani Dlamini, her little girl, has stated that she has not met him and that she was trying to make contact with her for a while.

Doja Cat, an American artist, got everyone talking when she talk about not meeting her father, Dumisani Dlamini (SA animator), during a short visit to Whoopi Goldberg.

This week, a portion of the discussion about her was share online by many via web-based media. Doja told Whoopi that her father was a close friend of the veteran Sarafina artist. Whoopi was shock and agitate when Doja state that she had never met Dumisani.

Dumisani, in reaction to the shutdown reveal to Metro FM’s Mo Flava she had also trying to find her baby girl.

“I’ve been searching for my little girl. These Americans are not forgotten. To make a scandal in America, it will be necessary to have something that can keep it in the media and spread around the globe.

She state that she had unable to contact the Doja administration and suggest that this could be because they were afraid of losing her.

“I tried to find my baby, but the organization that cares for her has been preventing me from doing so. They know that if I grab her, she may disappear from the photo. I know my little girl and he is always looking for me wherever he is.

Later, she appear to reverse her comments and stated that her little girl had spoken to him before they were known. She suggested that her cases to Whoopi might be “a concoction”.

Dumisani Dlamini is Doja Cat’s father. He is an animator, writer and filmmaker best known for Sarafina! (1992 South African film), starring Whoopi Goldberg. Doja has never met her dad.

“She reached out to me. We talked. We became partners. She partnered. It’s an invention. “

TshisaLIVE was told by Dumisani three years earlier than Sarafina. He decided to stay in America after the visit and started to gaze with star-filled eye at a Jewish-American woman. They had two children and one became a Doja Cat.

After living in the United States for over 15 years, she felt the need to return home. She made arrangements for her family to leave and returned to South Africa.

Dumisani stated that although things did not go as planned, he maintained a warm relationship with his children.

“I am close with my children, each of them. They love me and I love them.”

Dumisani Dumisani Dlamini, a South African artist, is also well-known as the father to the internationally acclaim artist DojaCat. Doja Cat, on the other hand, spoke out about his father and said that he had never met him. Dumaisani Damini respond to the little girl’s claim that he hadn’t met her father and state that he tried to get to know her for a while. Dumisani, Isindiso, and Yizo are some of the notable SA animators.

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