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7 Soothing Yoga Poses for Cold, Flu, and Stress Relief



7 Soothing Yoga Poses for Cold Flu and Stress Relief

Feeling congested, achy, and sneezy? These seven yoga poses are effective in treating various ailments. caution if you’ve had knee replacement surgery within the past period, you shouldn’t follow these measures.

Photograph by Stgur Már Karlsson / Heimsmyndir / Getty Images

Tissues, cough medicine, and a thermometer are examples of items that can be included on an illness checklist.

The question now is, what about a yoga mat?

It may not seem like a strategy to treat cold and flu symptoms, but some yoga positions can assist with nasal congestion and digestion. Stretching may not seem like a strategy to treat cold and flu symptoms.

Does stretching help when you have the flu?

Yep! Even the evidence points in that direction.

According to a review that was published in 2018 by Trusted Source, regular yoga practice can lower inflammation, which makes it a viable supplemental therapy for populations suffering from inflammatory disease.

A study conducted in 2013 on 120 people who were receiving chemotherapy for the first time found that yoga helped lessen symptoms of nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and melancholy. The transit of food through the gastrointestinal tract is normalized and parasympathetic activity is increased, according to the findings of certain researchers.

Whether you do yoga every morning or never stretch, there are positions that are designed to address certain issues that may be helpful.

You should give these seven natural cures a try.

1. Supported Child Pose

Even if you do not have an illness, Supported Child Pose, also known as Child’s Pose, can be very relaxing.

This relaxed posture may also help decrease nausea, in addition to promoting relaxation.

As a yoga instructor, professional dietitian, and proprietor of Whole Self Nutrition, Caroline Young suggests gentle stretches and breathwork for anyone who are experiencing nausea.

Young suggests a calming, gentle, and restorative practice that includes full-belly breathing in order to minimize nausea and soften the muscles in the stomach. Since sickness is stressful, this is the best approach.

She recommends that you return to Child’s Pose by propping your torso up with a pillow or bolster.

To begin:

  • Bring a pillow or bolster in front of you on your mat and go into a kneeling position.
  • Maintain a wide stance by keeping your knees and big toes together.
  • As you lean back, your posterior should be supported by your heels rather than your knees.
  • As you lean forward, rest the top of your head on the cushion or the bolster.
  • Stretch your arms out over the top of the mat.

2. Legs Attached to the Wall

This simple inversion reverses the flow of blood to the brain. This is done to improve circulation, decrease stress, and minimize the accumulation of fluid in the legs and feet.

This more moderate variation does not require the head to lie below the heart, which is necessary for more intense inversions that may increase head pressure. If you’re suffering from a headache due to a cold or the flu, give this a shot.

In what way:

  • Place yourself on the floor facing a wall. Place your head on the floor while you lie on your shoulder.
  • You will need to roll over onto your back so that you are perpendicular to the wall, lift your legs, and scoot your tailbone forward until it is touching the wall.
  • Make your way up the wall while keeping your legs straight or almost straight.
  • Make yourself comfortable by adjusting your arms and hands. You can either tuck them in at your sides or stretch them out.
  • Hold the position for the full twenty minutes.
  • Try to hold this position for five to ten minutes. If your legs and feet feel sleepy, try bending your knees toward your chest for a few moments to stimulate blood flow to those areas of your body.

3. Camel Pose with Modifications

Congestion of the chest caused by a cold is the most excruciating type of chest discomfort. It may feel as though nothing can break up the mucus that is stuck in your lungs at times.

According to Young, chest-opening exercises such as Camel Pose can help eliminate mucus in this area. The revised version is more comfortable for people with lower back problems.

In what way:

  • While you are kneeling on your mat, make sure that your knees are hip-width apart and that your feet are placed behind you.
  • Leaning slightly backward, placing one hand with the palm facing down on your lower back, then leaning somewhat more back.
  • Allow the head to gradually drop behind the body, opening the throat to the ceiling as comfortably as possible. If you have neck pain, you should skip this step.
  • Relax and breathe deeply as you open your chest.
  • To release yourself from this position in a secure manner, you should first carefully tuck your chin forward, then bring your hands to your hips, and last bring your hips down to your feet.

4. The Cobra Position

Both the Camel Pose and the Cobra Pose open the chest, allowing for more expansive breathing.

It has been shown that deep breathing can help relieve pain and chest tightness.

A review published in 2022 by Source discovered that slow, deep breathing helped minimize feelings of discomfort.


  • Lie on your stomach on the mat with your feet hip-width apart and your back to the wall. Face the wall.
  • Place your palms face down behind your shoulders and your elbows to the sides of your body.
  • Put your hands behind your back and push off of them to elevate your chest and body. Maintain a long neck and a low, backward posture with your shoulders.
  • Take a few full breaths and focus your gaze forward.

5. The Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Achieve Everything! This traditional yoga stance, which involves turning your body upside down, can help relieve pressure in the head and promote healthy blood flow to the nose

The Dog That Is Looking Down Achieves Everything! This traditional yoga stance, which involves turning your body upside down, can help relieve pressure in the head and promote healthy blood flow to the nose while also stretching your hamstrings, calves, and Achilles tendons.

Try the downward-facing dog pose from hatha yoga to get some relief from a cold or the flu.

In what way:

  • Put your hands and knees on the floor in front of you, with your fingers pointing forward, and your knees should be about hip-distance apart.
  • To elevate your hips and straighten your legs, curl your toes under and press into your hands at the same time. Your body should be shaped like an upside-down V.
  • Fingers should be spread apart, and inner elbows should be rotated toward the front of the mat.
  • Put your head down and move your shoulder blades so that they are not touching your ears.

6. The Rag Doll Pose

Headaches can be alleviated by allowing your body to hang limp in rag doll pose.

According to Young, the Rag Doll Pose and other yoga positions that help relax the shoulders, neck, and upper back may be effective at relieving headaches.

In what way:

  • Place your feet on the mat so that they are hip-width apart.
  • Raise both arms over your head, palms facing each other, and raise them up to the heavens.
  • Bring the arms down to the sides of the body and bend your knees and waist slightly. Relax your arms and allow them to hang down in front of you.
  • You can either fold your arms so that they are dangling toward the floor or hold each elbow with the opposite hand.

A helpful hint: If you want to relax, try swaying in this pose.

7. Shoulder-Stand or Plow Stance (Advanced)

If you have diarrhea as a symptom of your disease, you should attempt the shoulder stand or the simple plow stance.

Turning your digestive system on its side relieves pressure and sluggishly moves food through your system.

In what way:

  • Lie on your back with your legs bent, knees facing upward, and feet flat on the ground.
  • Plow Pose requires you to press your palms into the floor at your sides before lifting your legs and hips into the air. It’s possible that your feet will contact the floor in front of you.
  • Straighten your knees and point your heels up to transition from the plow position to the shoulder stand. Put your hands on your hips and your elbows by your sides to give yourself some support.
  • Pull your thighs closer together and concentrate on your upper back and arms rather than your neck while you do so.

In concluding,

Recovery from sickness can be aided by the gentle stretching practices of yoga.

Whatever the case may be, your mat will most likely serve to stabilize, strengthen, and refresh you.

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For a Strong Message, Pause and Take a Breath



This is an excerpt from an old and esteemed book in rhetoric. It goes on to discuss that often a little bit of silence, an intentional pause, is all you need to make sure your next words come out strong. Besides giving you a short rest to catch a breath so your voice can come back with force, your listener will thank you for that extra second you gave them to process your words.

I love this quote because it reinforces the importance of breath in controlling not only the tone and sound of your voice, but also your speaking rate. So many people speak very fast with very little breath passing between their vocal chords, which over time is harmful to your voice.

To many it comes as a big surprise when I point out that people may hear you, but that doesn’t mean they listen and understand your message. According to the National Center for Voice and Speech, the average conversation rate for English speakers in the United States is about 150 words per minute.

It is essential that you speak with energy and clarity, so the listener is motivated to pay attention and to take in your message. Energy does not mean talking fast but rather speaking at a rate that is easily understood. Speech pros call it pacing and phrasing. The phrase is your thought and the pace is how fast you deliver those thoughts.

A quick tip for speaking more dynamically is to emphasize the words of your message by varying the pitch and/or the volume. Speaking in a flat, boring monotone voice quickly loses the listener’s attention and your message can fall on deaf ears.

Without a speedometer chip in your cheek (only joking) how can you slow your speech? BREATHE!

  1. Breathe between your thoughts to support and strengthen your voice.
  2. Breathing allows the listener to understand your deeper meaning.
  3. Breathing gives you a moment to find your next thought, and
  4. Breathing takes the place of filler words (um, OK, ah, you know )

Talking helps us to connect. In this time of social distancing and no hugging, the human voice is a powerful way to convey how we feel.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.

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SnackyChann Age and Biography With Surprise Facts



SnackyChann Age and Bio Boyfriend and Profile (Snapchat phone number Instagram and TikTok)(TikTok, Instagram) SnackyChann is a well-known American TikTok model and personality for her posts that include a variety of posts through her profile. She uploads her gorgeous pictures 73 photos. 153,000 followers. She also has a huge following on Twitter, with photos of her hot and sexy images . She has amassed more than 157K followers. In March 2021, she began making videos for her profile. She has amassed over 441K followers who gave an average of 2.7M hearts to her videos. View Phone Number and Email


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Snacky Chann Contact Detail:

SnackyChann SNAPCHAT: @doranaughty

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SnackyChann TIKTOK: @chansnacky

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